Series: Great Hotels

Great Hotels

Great Hotels is where all of our hotel hopping began… literally! Whoever told you not to jump on your bed didn’t travel to more than 150 U.S. hotels in a three-year span… with 90 episodes under our belt we’ve checked into hotels from Miami to Maui and everywhere in between. Our first Emmy Award winning series for Travel Channel, was created by PineRidge to have, host Samantha Brown’s sassy character tell you the truth about what each hotel is really like and what makes the them so special. She tested tubs, bounced on beds, quizzed the concierges and tasted all the culinary treats their chefs could cook up… tough job, but someone had to do it!

Who Knew: Did you know that the largest hotel in the world is the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with 6,276 rooms? The oldest hotel in the world is the Hoshi Ryokan in the Awazu Onsen area ofKomatsu, Japan. It boasts hot springs that have been drawing guests since it first opened back in 717.

Host: Samantha Brown

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