PineRidge Film & Television

PineRidge Film & Television Company is a place where creative ideas are born, and quality programs are produced. Our programs are seen by millions of people every day.

As a division of Jerry Smith Film & Television, PineRidge Film & Television develops, produces and delivers quality television programs, utilizing an Emmy Award-winning production team.

Since 1990, PineRidge has commissioned over 320 half-hour shows and 34 hour-long Prime Time specials. Currently our series and specials run on the Travel Channel, PBS, HGTV (Home and Garden Television), DIY (Do-It-Yourself Network), and the Food Network.

PineRidge continues to be a strong and growing program source in the cable television industry.

"In the many years Jerry and his team have worked with me on various campaigns for stations, I've found that his approach was right on target. Not only does his team provide fresh creative and marketing advice, but award-winning quality campaigns that people talk about for years after they run."

John G. Conomikes
President and CEO
Hearst-Argyle Television, N.Y.

Daytime Emmy Award Winner
PineRidge Film & Television received the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Directing in a Service Show for its Travel Channel series, Great Hotels. The 2004 award was presented to the Travel Channel and PineRidge by the National Television Academy. This is the first Daytime Emmy for PineRidge, after receiving four other nominations that year, and one in 2003 also for Great Hotels.

Jerry Smith, Joan McCord, Sylvia Caminer, and Sid Goldberg directed a combined 90 half-hour episodes and 10 one-hour specials of Great Hotels. Hosted by Samantha Brown, the Travel Channel series has taken audiences to 114 Great Hotels around the country. With a 75 million household universe, the Travel Channel is the only cable network devoted exclusively to travel. PineRidge Film & Television's Emmy is the first for Travel Channel!

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